ProblemPossible Solutions
Takes too long to achieve desired effectIncrease surface speed by:
a. increasing brush diameter
b. increasing brush speed

Use stiff brush fill material by:
a. decreasing trim length
b. Using heavier wire or fiber
c. increasing density of fill

Note: Do not use greater work pressure.
Finer finish wanted, or undesirable side effects encountered such as removal of base materialUse more dense fill in brush
Decrease effective fill hardness by:
a. using finer fill material
b. using fiber or plastic rather than wire (sometimes with compound)
c. use softer type of wire i.e. brass

Use less pressure on workpiece
Getting too much wire breakage during operationUse finer diameter wire and increase spindle speed
Decrease trim length
Brush wears down too rapidlyUser harder fill material
User denser fill in brush
Decrease workpiece pressure
Brushing effect not even or uniformUse jog or fixture to assure steady application on workpiece
Increase spindle speed