Q: What type of wire do you use in your gutterbrooms?
A: We use high-carbon wire. Independent third party engineers have tested and confirmed that our high-carbon steel has better tensile strength than either oil-tempered or patented wire. Of course, there’s no known test for “flick” action, but our customers have confirmed that our brushes last longer and sweep better than alternatives. Over 95% of our customers come back for a second order – this is the best test we can think of for comparing our gutterbrooms to others on the market.

Q: Why do prices of main brooms vary so much between manufacturers?
A: By far the clearest differentiator of quality in a main broom is the number of bristles used in the broom. Some manufacturers create a cheap broom with few bristles. Others – like us – offer only a heavy-duty product, with up to 20% more bristles than other manufacturers. This means the broom lasts longer and provides a better sweep. Of course, it also means it’s a little more expensive than the bristle-light alternatives available on the market. But the extra cost is worth it – the brooms last longer, which saves more money than the extra upfront cost.

Q: How soon can you ship the brushes to me?
A: We stock many different types of brush, and often ship same-day. If you need a brush urgently, give us a call and we’ll ship you something quickly.

Q: How many wires do you have in your gutterbrooms?
A: We construct heavy-duty gutterbrooms, with 19 wires per hole. We know of no manufacturer in North America who uses more wires per hole than we do. This extends brush life, and improves the performance of the gutterbroom.